The Fair of Rosalind

from As You Like It by William Shakespeare

Giclee collector’s print, 250 print edition

LILLIE LANGTRY, popularly known as Jersey Lily, was introduced to a modern audience by the Paul Newman movie, The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, in which Langtry was depicted as Judge Bean’s lifelong obsession (though they had never met). Ms. Langtry was in fact a major actress and socialite of the late nineteenth century. She was mistress to the future King of England, Edward VII, and friends with the author Oscar Wilde, and the painter, James MacNeil Whistler.

Rosalind, the cross-dressing debutante, is one of the more visually picturesque figures in Shakespearean theatre. On a quest to find her father – the banished Duke – Rosalind takes the name of Ganymede, and travels with her friend through the forest of Arden, eventually coming upon her love interest, Orlando, whereupon Shakespearean hijinks ensue.

The painting shows Rosalind dressed in men’s clothes with her hair under her cap, reading the love letters that her beau-to-be has posted around the forest. The background replicates a section of a Victorian matt painting, while Langtry/Rosalind/Ganymede reclines on a stone while reading her lover’s missives. I could find no reference to the actual color of her clothing so red was chosen to provide a dramatic contrast to the primarily green forest background.

Image size is 14x20 inches, overall print size is 18x24 inches, edition of 250 prints. Print cost is $250 each plus $10 shipping and handling (and sales tax, if applicable). Special Canvas edition: 14x20 inches, edition of 25. Canvas print cost is $500 plus $10 S&H (plus tax).

Each archival paper print is reproduced from the original oil painting and printed on an archival pigment printer for uncommon color fidelity. The prints are personally signed and numbered by the artist and are accompanied by a signed and numbered registration/historical summary certificate. 

Our special canvas edition prints are signed and numbered by the artist in oil. Please note: canvas edition prints contain no text on the printed sheet. They are ready to frame and hang just as an oil painting. A white canvas border is provided around the print so that art may be secured on stretchers if desired

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