The Coast Guard Art Program

(from The Coast Guard Art Program (COGAP) uses fine art as an outreach tool for educating diverse audiences about the United States Coast Guard. Through displays at museums, libraries and patriotic events, Coast Guard art tells the story of the service's missions, heroes and history to the public. Art is also displayed in offices of members of Congress, senior officials of the executive branch of government and other military services and at Coast Guard locations throughout the country.

Coast Guard artists—most of whom are professional artists—volunteer their time and talents to help COGAP fulfill its missions. Today, the collection comprises nearly 2,000 works which are primarily paintings. These capture the daily missions the 40,400 men and women on active duty in the Coast Guard perform, including homeland security, search and rescue, marine environmental protection, drug interdiction, military readiness and natural resource management. Other works depict sea and air assets.

I am proud to be a COGAP artist and have been one since 2008. I've also had the great good fortune to win the Coast Guard Art Program's George Gray Award for Artistic Excellence four times during that period. The USCG is very supportive of artistic endeavors and appreciates the community outreach opportunities that art can bring to their mission. This artwork is owned by the Coast Guard, but most of them are available for download from the US Coast Guard web site. Links were provided where possible.