Farewell, Pygmalion. Farewell.

from Pygmalion and Galatea by W.S. Gilbert

Giclee collector’s print, 250 print edition

PYGMALION AND GALATEA is the story of a classical sculptor who creates exceptionally beautiful work, but who wants much more: he wants his sculptures to actually live. This he accomplishes with a timely wish to the gods, and voilá, his sculpture of Galatea comes to life in the flesh of Mary Anderson.

The play was a comedy, and Anderson received mixed reviews, but a great deal 25of notoriety, for her role. The scene depicted in the painting is at the end of the play when Galatea, having been rejected by Pygmalion, her creator (who chooses instead to remain with his wife), moves to the back of the stage and exclaims, “Farewell, Pygmalion. Farewell,” and slips behind a curtain. This is soon opened to reveal that she has turned back into the stone from whence she came [one bit of historical trivia: the Victorian painter Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema was hired to arrange the folds of Anderson’s gown in the proper Greek fashion for her scenes as a statue].

Image size is 14x20 inches, overall print size is 18x24 inches, edition of 250 prints. Print cost is $250 each plus $10 shipping and handling (and sales tax, if applicable). Special Canvas edition: 14x20 inches, edition of 25. Canvas print cost is $500 plus $10 S&H (plus tax).

Each archival paper print is reproduced from the original oil painting and printed on an archival pigment printer for uncommon color fidelity. The prints are personally signed and numbered by the artist and are accompanied by a signed and numbered registration/historical summary certificate. 

Our special canvas edition prints are signed and numbered by the artist in oil. Please note: canvas edition prints contain no text on the printed sheet. They are ready to frame and hang just as an oil painting. A white canvas border is provided around the print so that art may be secured on stretchers if desired

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